NT Engineering

  • You like to expand your company to foreign countries?
  • You want to explore new markets in the Middle East and Asia?
  • Your own country seems to be unstable as only production facility and marketplace?
  • You are looking for cheap and reliable production and manufactoring outside your country?

Take advantage of our knowledge, our contacts and our experience:

We arrange business contacts in the Arab and Asian region and assist you in establishing, building and operating of your scheduled operations.

  • Help in finding new business partners and manufacturing sites
  • Possibilities of public funding in Germany and abroad
  • We establish contacts with authorities, policy makers, government agencies and ministries abroad
  • Continuous guidance in establishing and developing your business abroad

We offer our work preferably in the UAE, the Gulf States, Pakistan and India and provide of course also in other Asian countries the necessary contacts.

We are international Business Developers:

  • Out-licensing (Arabian, Indian and Middle East markets)
  • Expanding customer/ market
  • Commercial negotiations and deal closure, including discussion of license & supply & tech transfer contracts
  • Good understanding of development, manufacturing, regulatory guidelines/ strategies, patent/ intellectual property issues, sourcing, costing

Please remember: production sites only in Europe are due to the current unsafe conditions in the EU extremely risky.
Get yourself with our help another secure foothold at the gates to Asia, the market of the future!